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If your business is still without a web page, you're missing out on a huge section of the market.

Every web site you get from us comes with a domain name of your choosing, along with email addresses @ your domain, hosted by Google. We also set up Google Analytics for your web site, so you can tell who visited your site, from where, when, for how long, and what pages they viewed.

On ScheduleWith static page design from template, we can get your web page up and running on an available domain name of your choosing within two weeks of contract, given that all stock text and photos are supplied in time.

We focus on building web pages for small businesses in the Shawano area. We pride ourselves on face-to-face meetings with business owners in an area we've grown up in. We understand the community, and we understand what you as business owners need to market in a town like Shawano. This is why our prices are so low this summer: to offer you an easy way to get up on the internet before the summer tourist rush begins to Shawano Lake.


Static Web Pages

Static Pages
(from Template)

Creation Cost Monthly Hosting
1 Page $300 $30 / Month
5 Pages $500 $30 / Month
Variable Requires an Estimate $30 / Month
CMS Requires an Estimate Requires an Estimate


Customizable Web Sites

Tired of calling your web developer for the simplest of changes on your web site? We offer CMS based web sites which let you edit the content of any of your pages from any computer with an internet connection. There's no need to be scared either, as we use the most user friendly programs available, such as Adobe Contribute, or Drupal. If you are a power user, and want complete control over your web site, with access to the most plugins of any CMS, we can also create Joomla! web sites.

If your wondering what a CMS is, its short for "Content Management System", or in simple terms, a web page that allows you, the user, to alter its content. In the past most small businesses who ran web pages had to make a call to their host or developer whenever a change was required. With the use of a Content Management System, the user can safely make these changes themselves, without having to worry about "breaking the web page."


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) put simply, is the ability to show up on Google searches when the user is targeting your business. Say, for instance, someone is trying to locate a salon in Shawano - they would most likely type in "shawano salon." Search Engine Optimization is making sure that your web site contains the words and phrases that your target customer uses to attempt to find you on the internet. We offer basic SEO with all web pages, and for an extra fee each month offer advanced SEO services on our clients web pages.


Web Design 'From Scratch"

As we focus on providing an economical and quick way to get your business online, we do not focus on building web sites "from scratch". If you are interested in having us build you a completely custom web page from the ground up, we can supply you with a quote that does not include our summer discounts.

Word of MouthHappy Customers

Wow! Smith Systems is everything I expected and more! Not only were the issues with my computer resolved, they were resolved quickly, efficiently and professionally. I highly recommend these young men and wish them the best of everything.

Wendy Lundt, Shawano WI

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The Importance of a Business Web site

People now no longer use phone books, and rarely look for business in the yellow pages, when they can use online services like Google instead. If you're not where your customers are looking, you are losing out on business.

It's hard to defend a position where you would not want a business for your website, when it is the most cost effective marketing method. No other medium offers global, 24/7 coverage for $30 per month.

A website offers more than just text content, and is not limited by word count, or length. No more 200 words or less, or 30 second spots. Even if you don't intend on selling over, or even updating your webpage regularly, it still can have your hours of operation, phone number, and a map to find your business. If this itself brings in a handful of customers, its already paying for itself.

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